A Resident Alien in Search of a Home has three or four story lines running through it – an immigrant adjusting to life in a strange country – looking for a way to earn a decent living – searching for God – wanting a wife and a home of his own.

Such stories have been told many times. What makes this story come alive is Maxeau’s raw honesty about his confused aspirations, his mistakes, disappointments, fears and despair. He doesn’t avoid telling us about all the fruitless rabbit trails he followed, or make himself sound like a noble victim of circumstances. It is real life. I found it a gripping story, though almost too painful to follow at times. I believe many other readers will find it equally gripping.

Bob Goodnough, writer and blogger

I like the way Maxeau brought out his difficulties with farming. We tend to think anyone can farm, or anyone can clean house, but we need to realize that what is easy for us can be hard for someone else, and what is hard for us is easy for them.

Dena Unruh, editor of Hearth and Home Magazine

It is truly a testimony of God’s grace and mercy to a seeking soul!

Gospel Publishers’ proofreading committee

A Mennonite autobiography is not my first choice of reading material. I only agreed to read this because the editor is my friend. I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed this book and even talked about it to my husband over meals. My favorite parts are the first impressions of the U.S. and the comparisons between it and Haiti, the author’s love for his country and hometown, and, of course, the way he found a church home.

Maxeau, I’m impressed with your book, the wonderful message you’ve brought across, and the way you held my interest right to the end. Bravo! And God bless!

Vila Gingerich, writer and teacher

I was totally engrossed by the book. To me the highlights are the insight to growing up Haitian, the immigrant experience in America, the conversion, and finding a life’s companion.

JonLuke Toews, author of Across the Mountains

A Resident Alien in Search of a Home is great. I can’t wait to read it to my students.

Royce Ensz, teacher