A Resident Alien In Search Of A Home


This is Maxeau’s life story as the Lord led him through many difficult and exciting experiences.  Maxeau’s purpose in this book is to lift the Lord and His mercy and compassion and love. His greatest desire for the book is that it will point the reader to the Lord.

He wants the reader to see that what God did for Maxeau, He wants to do for the reader!

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Born too soon, a preemie with seizures, given up for dead and almost buried. A head injury with extreme risk of infection and almost no medical help. A bold and brash teenager running afoul of Baby Doc’s brutal police. A taxi driver ensnared by Miami mafia. Time after time the Lord saved Maxeau. Why?

Maxeau wasn’t good in any way. Whiny, difficult, and disobedient, he harassed animals, terrorized children who dared not retaliate, vandalized neighbors’ property. As he grew older, he sank deeper into sin. It would only have been justice for the Lord to withhold His protecting hand and allow death to end his life. But the Lord loved this wild crazy child who was hurting people. The Lord had a plan for Maxeau!


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